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What is the Somerset Poppies Project?

The Somerset Poppies will involve over 3500 children, every child in every school in and around Wells, in creating a public installation of artificial poppies, which will be displayed at Bishop’s Palace, Wells, in November 2018.

Each poppy will represent a serviceman from Somerset, or who served in a Somerset regiment, who lost his life in World War One.

The poppies will be on public display for a minimum of two weeks, during which time my aim is to engage members of the public from across the county and from a wide range of backgrounds in the appreciation of collaborative artwork but also of county-specific heritage.

The Benefits of the Project

  • We will pay respect to the thousands of Somerset-based servicemen who were killed in the First World War

  • Local school children will benefit from being involved in a community project

  • We will create a beautiful public installation at Bishop’s Palace in Wells

  • The city of Wells will benefit from an influx of visitors coming to view the public installation of poppies

  • All proceeds will go to charity, specifically The Royal British Legion and SSAFA (Soldiers, Seamen, Airmen and Families Association)

The 4 Stages of the Project

Collecting Your Poppy

If you were unable to collect your Somerset Poppies from The Bishop’s Palace during one of the allotted times, you can still collect them from Coxley School.

Please come to Coxley School between 9am and 3pm on any weekday to collect your poppies.

Please DO NOT telephone or email the school, just come to collect.

The last day of term at school is 21st December. Please collect your poppies before this date.